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Our menu

Masurian and Toscana cuisine

Toscana Restaurant Menu

Our menu includes pike perch, regional potato cake or kartacze.
We combine the wonderful flavors of cuisine that smells like lakes, forests
with the flavors of fragrant Toscania: basil, tomatoes, garlic …

The chef recommends

Potato cake

Potato cake with mushroom sauce

Zander after “Eastern Prussian”

Zander in mushrooms sauce, fries or potatoes, salad, mixed salad and vegetables

Karmuszka Soup

Karmuszka Soup

Masurian kartacze

Masurian kartacze with mixed salad

A plate of mazurian specialties

Potato dumplings, potato cake, russian dumplings, kartacz

Carrots in Masurian

Carrots in Masurian

Our dishes