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About Restaurant

Our story

Out of passion for cooking ...

This is how the restaurant “Toscana in the heart of Masuria” was created.
I love Masuria, which is why our menu includes pike perch, regional potato cake or kartacze.
I also love the culture and traditions of Italy, so we combine the wonderful flavors of cuisine that smells like lakes, forests with the flavors of fragrant Toscania: basil, tomatoes, garlic …

We organize various types of special events, such as: weddings, baptisms, communions, ceremonial anniversaries or business meetings. We also offer catering with delivery to the address indicated. We have a room with the size of 210 square meters. We have a screen and a projector.

I invite everyone separately and all of them together. I would like each of our guests to feel well at our doorstep, almost like at home. See you in Tuscany in the heart of Masuria, because in Orzysz, between the most beautiful Masurian lakes.