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Attractions in the area

Museum of the Army, Military and Orzysz Land in Orzysz

The Museum of the Army, Military and Orzysz Land in Orzysz, located in a tenement house from the beginning of the 20th century, presents an interesting, often turbulent history of the Orzysz Land. Viewing the model of a unique water settlement, you can trace the most ancient history of our area. The museum will allow you to learn about the course of events taking place in and around Orzysz, also familiarize visitors with the development of the military garrison.

"Polana Kultury" Library and Cultural Center

The library in Orzysz offers you over 20,000 volumes from various fields of literature. The date of establishing the library in Orzysk is not fully known. It is estimated that it was 1947 or 1948. In 2020, perhaps the greatest changes so far took place, the Municipal Public Library changed its name to POLANA KULTURY Centrum Biblioteczno-Kulturalne and for the fourth time changed its seat to the well-equipped ground floor of the Town Hall at Rynek 3 street

Orzysz Lake

A lake with a well-developed shoreline, with numerous bays, headlands and 10 islands, the largest of which is the Rose Island, located in the middle of the lake. In the southern part of the lake there is an elongated bay separated by a long and winding peninsula America from the neighboring Lake Wierzbińskie. The Orzysza River flows out of the lake, connecting the reservoir with the lakes Tyrkło and Śniardwy below. A canoe trail runs here.

Camper Park ARIS

A modern small campsite dedicated to motorized tourists. The property meets the requirements of a two-star category campsite. The campsite offers 17 separate pitches (parking spaces) for motorhomes with a surface hardened with natural aggregate, equipped with electricity, water, gray water sewage systems and Internet access.

The Michał Kajka Museum in Ogródek

The museum operates in the house where Michał Kajka lived for over half a century and which he built himself. The exhibition at the Museum presents chronological turns of the poet’s life and activities. It is a biographical museum that also tells about the history of Masuria, the work of folk poets and the cultural heritage of the region.